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How we work:

Adverley specializes in managing Amazon Advertising services and Facebook campaigns.

Our Clients

Our list of clients includes independent publishers and best-selling indie authors in all the major sub-genres.

Our Pricing Strategy:

Unlike many agencies, we charge by the time required and not as a percentage of advertising costs. We offer a distinct value to independent authors & publishers who’d rather spend their time developing their catalogs instead of attempting to figure out the intricacies of CPC and traffic based online advertising.


Amazon and Facebook Advertising Management

Adverley was founded by Michael Beverly and Gerardo Escalona in the spring of 2020. They’d previously worked for another agency specializing in Amazon ads for authors that was started in 2018. Michael Beverly moved to Guadalajara in the summer of 2017 to work on becoming a novelist – that experience led to discovering how difficult it can be to get visibility as an author and the entrance into the ads business on Amazon. Gerardo Escalona was the second employee Michael hired – he eventually became manager and then co-owner of Adverley. His background is tech, computers, and data management. To learn a little more about Michael’s experience in the ad’s business, please see the various podcast links below.

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Michael Beverly
Gerardo Escalona
General Manager
6+ Years working experience
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Amazon and Facebook Advertising Management

Adverley was founded by Michael Beverly and Gerardo Escalona in the spring of 2020. They’d previously worked for another agency specializing in Amazon ads for authors that was started in 2018.

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“Trusting my ad management to Adverley was the best decision I’ve made in my marketing efforts this past year.

They are especially responsive to specific requests which other companies might consider outside their norm, and you can’t beat the reasonable pricing for what one gets in return. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Gary McAvoy
Bestselling Author of The Magdalene Chronicles

Adverley has done a fantastic job managing and optimizing ads for my books across multiple platforms (such as Amazon and Facebook), freeing up my time so that I can focus on writing.

Danielle Girard USA Today and Amazon #1 best seller of Up Close
Working with Adverley has been a game-changer in my business.

I discovered them at the best time when I couldn't find anyone to aid the management of my ads, and they proved to be affordable while their professionalism was at the top of the charts. With ongoing updates and check-ins to make sure ads and results are running smoothly, I can always have peace of mind when it comes to my book launches with Adverley behind my back. A year of continued business and I foresee many years to come. If you want to be stress-free when it comes to advertisements, they're your best bet!

Avery Song
International Bestselling Author
The team at Adverley has been nothing but professional.

They promptly answer all my questions and concerns. They keep me up-to-date with screenshots on how my ads are performing. They also assist with categories, keywords, and even changes to a book’s blurb—anything to help me sell more books! Isn’t that what anyone would want in a book advertiser? They have my success in mind. With Adverley monitoring my AMS ads, I can focus my time and energy on my writing, instead of spending it constantly creating and optimizing my ads. Well worth the peace of mind!

Thomas Fincham
"After working with Michael and his team, we were able to dig into the ads data and discover exactly what we could improve.

After listening to Michael's advice on the stats, we made some tweaks to our cover designs and saw sales improve by nearly 300%. Then we worked on our descriptions and saw a further conversion bump of 30%, which made a huge difference. Having the skills and know-how of Michael and his team really helped us focus on what really moves the needle when it comes to selling books."

Nick Stephenson
I’ve worked with Michael for more than a year.

As an independent author, I realized I can’t do everything by myself and depend on Michael’s knowledge of the industry along with his ability to guide me in the right direction when we discuss marketing. This has been invaluable to me. He’s very responsive to questions and takes the time to explain complex strategies which have paid off. I can highly recommend Michael for his professionalism and ability to meet the goals we set.

Joanna Campbell Slan
"Michael and Gera are a critical part of our team.

They focus on the advertising so that we can focus on the writing and production. And when we have a question or need assistance, oftentimes on other matters regarding indie publishing, such as book covers, pricing, keywords, etc., they're always there to help. We couldn't succeed without them."

Peter Wacht
You're a writer. You create magical worlds and handsome heroes and wicked villains.

You're too valuable to spend time marketing. Hire Adverley." "Writers stink at advertising. Hire Adverley." "I'm always amazed at how much more Adverley knows about advertising than I do." "I'm really impressed with Michael and co. Excellent communicators. A pleasure to work with."

Alan Lee
I've been working with Michael and his team since January 2019

They do the work on Amazon so I can concentrate on my core business.

PJ Ryan
I've been working with Michael and his team since January 2019

They do the work on Amazon so I can concentrate on my core business.

Paula Kay
The reason I wholly recommend Adverley's services isn't just because they are very reasonably priced--which they are.

It isn't just that Michael and his team do a better job creating, monitoring, and adjusting my ads than I ever could--which they do. It isn't even that they keep me updated on the performance of all my ads and thoroughly answer any questions I have. It's because, thanks to them and their efforts, I have the time to do what's most important--write the next book.

Jacob Peppers

I don't have time to do my Amazon ads and Michael and his team are taking care of it all which helps me to concentrate on what I like the most - writing my books.

Lily J. Adams
I highly recommend the services of Gerardo Escalona and Adverley.

Gerardo is so kind and easy to work with, and he really gets the job done! He'll stay on top of your ads and tweak whenever necessary and his ad team is second to none in creatively designing the right ads for your audience. They'll create multiple ads, do A/B testing to make sure the best-performing ads are used, different texts and images for each, and even create awesome videos for no extra charge, so you can have TikTok and Instagram videos to boot! Most importantly, Gerardo is extremely patient and empathetic and truly cares that your ads perform optimally. Gerardo and Adverley stay on top of algorithm changes, which happens all too often at Meta, so you'll be in good hands!"

Annie Jocoby
Michael has been a fantastic help with my Amazon ads.

He is patient and communicates openly in language I can understand (as someone not very data-savvy!). He tries different approaches and lets me know about the results so I can assess my marketing spend, as well as recommending changes that might improve sales.” ~

Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn (Previous Client)
Amazon Advertising Management

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